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Your privacy is important and protected by us. The company and website owner are committed to providing you with excellent service, maintaining a high level of security, and respecting your right to privacy. This privacy statement describes how we collect, protect and use information from and about you during your visits on our website, and in your dealings with our company and/or our affiliates, partners and nominees.

What personal information is collected online?

We may collect personal and other information about you from the information you provide to us when you fill out an application, or from other forms and software on our website. We may receive personal and other information from your transactions with us and our affiliates, partners and/or nominees. We may receive personal and other information about you from credit and consumer reporting agencies, and third parties, including those you have authorised us to contact.

This personal and other information may include: banking and financial information, credit histories, credit reports, credit scores, consumer and debt history, Social Insurance Number, name, birthdate, address, location, account numbers, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, social media identity and networks, and other additional information.

Why is personal information collected?

If you fill out an application or other form or program on our website, we may ask for a variety of personal and other information to help us communicate with you, and to evaluate your eligibility and the membership, program, product or services that may be right for you. We will also obtain other information about you; for example, from your credit history and financial information.

This personal and other information is vital in the analysis and strategy in repairing or improving your credit score and credit worthiness; offering and providing customized credit and financial memberships, programs, products and services; offering and providing identity security services; offering and providing debt solutions and foreclosure loss and mitigation services; and offering other and additional credit and financial services to you in the future.

If you share any personal and other information with us, we may transmit and store this personal and other information throughout North America. We may use this information for our own market analysis and research, and for the marketing of our memberships, products, programs, and services, and those of our affiliates and partners and nominees, to you and third parties.

When personal information about me is collected online?

We collect personal and other information about you when you fill out an application or other forms on our site, when you register through registration web pages, each time you update your personal profile, and when you email or speak with us. We also may receive information from affiliates, partners, nominees and other third persons, including those you authorize us to contact.

Are cookies or other online technologies used to collect information about me?

Our website and our affiliate, partners and nominee’s websites may use cookies, GPS and location-aware applications, web and smartphone applications, and other online technology. We use this to monitor and understand our website activity, and to provide and customize services that meet your personal needs and requests. For example, a cookie is a message in a text file that a website can send to your browser, which may then store the cookie on your hard drive. When you visit our website, this cookie assists us in customizing information to meet your individual preferences and needs, saving you time and providing more meaningful interaction and services.

Additional information in regards to collected information

By submitting your personal and other information and authorizing us to providing any or all memberships, products, programs, and services to you, you are providing your contact information for the purpose of solicitation and/or marketing purposes. You are initiating and requesting information and authorising us and/or our affiliates, partners and nominees to contact, message, communicate, forward or relay information to you by methods of phone call, text message, email, fax, mail or courier. Your personal information may be transmitted to and stored with data service providers located throughout North America. You are also aware of and consent to any or all communications or information that may be made to you via auto-dialers.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Policy

By checking the CASL Policy Box on our website and submitting your application to us, you are hereby authorizing us, and/or our affiliates, partners and nominees to communicate with you via email, fax, social media, text message, telephone, or any other form of electronic and internet based method via computers, smart phones, and mobile or hand held devices. We may send messages to our applicants, clients, customers, and members in relation to our services, programs, programs, offers, promotions and/or those of our affiliates, partners and nominees. You are welcome to unsubscribe anytime by either clicking the unsubscribe button on any of our emails, by directly contacting us by mail, or by means specified in our website or agreement.